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The favourite theme of her works is Nature, treated in an almost dreamlike way.
Her expressive paintings are sometimes reinterpretations of a specific place, sometimes very personal re-elaborations of sensations linked to a place or an experience. Of great density in shapes and colors, her works offer an astonished look at what surrounds us, translated on canvas in a flow of more or less sinuous lines always following a movement.

Galerie Katapult - Basel, CH   

9.12.22 - 8.1.23  

Van Gogh Art Gallery - Madrid, ES

14 - 29. Nov. 22


Paris Expo, F                         

23 -25. Sept. 22

Galeria Azur - Berlin, D         

11.6.22 - 14.7.22

Galleria Cael - Milano, IT       

8 - 22. Apr. 22

Galerien Nacht Reinach, CH   

13 - 14. Nov. 22

Galerie Katapult - Basel, CH   

7.10.21 - 12.11.21


Spazio Tolomeo - Milano, IT     

4 - 18. Mai 21

Born in Italy in 1981, Rossana Rossignoli completed her studies in Verona and Florence. Since 2010 she has been principal clarinetist of the Basel Symphony Orchestra. For some years she has been combining her work as a professional musician with that as a painter.

To date she has exhibited in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and France.


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